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Impact case study database

The impact case study database allows you to browse and search for impact case studies submitted to the REF 2021. Use the search and filters below to find the impact case studies you are looking for.
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Improved radiotherapy approaches for prostate cancer treatment

1. Summary of the impact

2. Underpinning research

3. References to the research

4. Details of the impact

5. Sources to corroborate the impact

Additional contextual information

Grant funding

Grant number Value of grant
SP2312/021 £0
None given (NIHR additional support) £0
C8262/A7253 £990,253
C1491/A9895 £5,010,603
C1491/A15955 £5,901,462
C46/A3970 £3,638,224
C46/A10588 £2,971,500
C33589/A19727 £2,628,163
BRC-2011-10059 £61,543,735
IS-BRC-1215-20021 £43,074,315
C1491/A25351 £6,456,485
A115 £292,291
None given (NIHR Senior Investigator 2012) £45,000
A12518 £278,175
C5907/A11880 £78,426
None given (NIHR Senior Investigator 2008) £45,000
None given (NIHR BRC 2007) £46,800,000
None given (DoH additional award) £300,000
None given (CRUK grant 1999) £2,700,000