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Impact case study database

The impact case study database allows you to browse and search for impact case studies submitted to the REF 2021. Use the search and filters below to find the impact case studies you are looking for.
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Enabling Sensitive Personal Data to be Shared with Trust using Novel Digital Security Methods

1. Summary of the impact

2. Underpinning research

3. References to the research

4. Details of the impact

5. Sources to corroborate the impact

Additional contextual information

Grant funding

Grant number Value of grant
PR283 £30,000
TS/I002561/1 £243,325
400092 TS/I002561/1 £283,965
E-frail/DEWAR £111,785
xxx_SFC DHI £214,228
Next Generation £86,694
TB_DataLab £122,660
PS7305CA11 £320,000
e-Frail2 £50,606
KTP010069 £135,030